Our story

Fully transformed

Since our humble beginnings in 1947, Pioneer Fishing has always had a rich history in development and technical innovation, which has resulted in us becoming an industry leader in the production of canned fish, fishmeal and fish oil.

Our transformation journey began in 1998 and in 2019 Pioneer Fishing became one of the first 100% black-owned commercial fishing companies, aligned with the government’s transformation vision.

Pioneer Fishing is one of the first major commercial fishing companies in South Africa to be owned by a broad base of historically disadvantaged individuals, with significant economic benefit going to black women. This is a milestone towards the national objective of ensuring a broader geographical sharing of economic benefits.


Small beginnings – The original company was established in Paternoster on the West Coast of South Africa


Expansion – The fifth community centre built to benefit employees and families


Pioneering spirit – First in industry to use refrigerated sea water systems to chill the fish on board the fishing vessels


Beginning of transformation – African Pioneer Group (APG) becomes a 40% shareholder


Rebuilding – An investment of R20 million rand was made to rebuild the cannery


Shared ownership scheme – The Employee Share Ownership Trust (ESOP) was established as a 10% shareholder of the company. The majority of ESOP's beneficiaries are from historically disadvantaged backgrounds


Upgrading – R35 million upgrade to the fishmeal plant


Sharing success – Record ESOP dividend payment of R8 126 million


100% transformed – African Pioneer Marine (part of APG) becomes a 90% shareholder


Expanding – African Pioneer Marine acquires Glenryck South Africa (Pty) Ltd

With knowledge and experience gained over time, this transaction strengthens the industry and signifies real empowerment. It completes the full transformation circle and demonstrates commitment to changeCharles ManningChief Financial Officer of Pioneer Fishing