Long-term strategy and innovative mindset
Service excellence and quality products
Continuous improvement and wise use of resources

Pioneers in a transformed fishing industry

Pioneer Fishing is a leading producer of various fish products with its head office in Cape Town and operations on South Africa’s West Coast. The company is fully transformed, with black-owned shareholders African Pioneer Marine (90%) and the remaining 10% owned by its Employee Shared Ownership Trust (ESOP), where the majority of the beneficiaries are from historically disadvantaged groups.

Preserve and restore

Pioneer Fishing respects the principles of sustainability and responsible fishing as core values in our operations. We therefore continuously assess the impact of our activities, products and services and work towards reducing any negative impacts.



As a member of the South African Pelagic Fishing Industry Association (SAPFIA), we are committed to the sustainability of small pelagic fishery and ecosystems. Our commitment to sustainability is evidenced in the certification of our products according to the MarinTrust standard, which assures buyers of our responsibly supplied marine ingredients.


Sound environmental practices

We use an ecosystem approach to fishing and continuously adapt our operations to minimise their environmental impact. In addition to applicable legislation, we use environmental principles as a guide for all our employees and service providers.

People-orientated outlook

Pioneer Fishing has a tradition of placing people first, from making sure that our products are safe for humans and animals to taking care of our staff and their communities.

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    Quality products

    We supply fishmeal, fish oil and canned fish. Our fish is a healthy source of protein for humans and all types of animal nutrition and feeds. Each part of the production process is checked to ensure top notch quality products.

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    Our people

    Our employees are committed contributors to and part-owners of the company – some have been with us for more than 30 years. Training and upskilling go hand-in-hand with innovation and adapting to change in the fishing environment.

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    Our communities

    We focus on youth and education because we want to equip the children in our communities with life skills that will empower them wherever they go. We offer financial support to local schools and support training in leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

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