Our products

Quality products

Pioneer Fishing produces fishmeal, fish oil and canned fish. The fish that we harvest is low in dioxin, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and heavy metals. It is a healthy source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids for humans and all types of animal nutrition and feeds. Our fishmeal and fish oil have the highest nutrient content possible, as the entire fish is used during production. Not a single part of our production process goes unchecked, which ensures that we only sell the best quality products. Our products are kosher and halal.

Quality animal nutrition

The composition of our fishmeal and fish oil makes it the ideal ingredient in aquaculture nutrition. Pioneer Fishing currently produces about 25% of all South African fishmeal and fish oil by utilising responsible fishing strategies that harvest ocean resources without compromising the sustainability of the reserves.

The products produced at our plant are certified against the MarinTrust standard. The fishery is independently assessed following the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. This standard is an assurance that:

  • products have been properly segregated from non-approved material during processing, which is key for traceability purposes
  • our site complies with all the national environmental regulations in relation to emissions to air, discharge to water, noise, smell, dust and ground pollution
  • we comply with the conventions set by the International Labour Organisation as well as national social regulations
  • we have a system in place to engage with local communities

Fishmeal and fish oil

We produce steam-dried fishmeal from all the components of the raw fish, which means that our fishmeal provides better growth performance due to a higher amount of digestible protein. Our fishmeal is marketed under the Sea Pride brand. Our West Coast processing plant produces about 13 tonnes of fishmeal an hour, or 22 000 tonnes per year.

Our fish oil is derived from wild stocks of pelagic fish. The West Coast processing plant processes fish into high-quality fishmeal and fish oil and supplies international feed and aquaculture industries. The entire fish is used in the production process, which provides a higher nutrient content in the end product. Around 2 000 tonnes of fish oil are produced per year.

Canned fish

The facilities at the West Coast plant include a cannery which produces canned pilchards in tomato and tomato and chilli sauce in 400-gram cans. The canned fish is marketed under the Sea Pride and Glenryck brands.

Our customers

We are committed to safety, quality, traceability and customer satisfaction. Service delivery is just as important as product delivery. We are committed to supporting customers in reducing trading risks and ensuring consistency of supply. We develop strong relationships with our customers, who are equally committed to quality and reliability.

Our canned fish is sold in national chain stores, independent wholesalers and selected retailers in South Africa. We use established distributors to ensure that the cans arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Responsibly sourced products

We strive to minimise the impact of our factory and fishing operations on the environment. This includes

  • protecting sea birds and dolphins
  • minimising the catch of immature fish
  • minimising the catch of protected fish species
  • reducing incidental by-catch, large mammals and sharks with specialised nets
  • investing in modern, energy-efficient equipment to reduce air and water pollution reducing fuel consumption

We comply with all national and international environmental policies and regulations relevant to our industry.

We believe in the importance
of science-based, data-driven monitoring and

We subscribe to independent assessments of all operations to ensure certification of our products as responsibly sourced.

Independent assessment and international certified quality


The SGS analysis provides two references for quality, namely the production sample and the loading sample. This information gives customers the assurance that the product they buy has the same quality as the product that was loaded and delivered.


Our loading teams, under supervision of SGS, follow the Grain and Feed Trade Association's sampling rules (GAFTA 124).


After canning, our products are tested for quality and are inspected by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), a thorough process that takes between three and four weeks.


We are certified and licensed to export to China by the Chinese quality and safety accreditation organisation, AQSIQ.


Our products are certified by the MarinTrust as responsibly supplied marine ingredients.


We have been certified by the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS) and have proven ourselves to be globally recognised contenders.