Our people

Shared ownership and responsibility

Pioneer Fishing is one of the few companies in the local fishing industry where employees own as much as 10% of the company. Any employee who has worked for a Pioneer Fishing division for 12 months or more can join the company’s Employee Share Ownership Programme (ESOP). Through ESOP employees get an opportunity to own shares in the group.


ESOP established


First dividends declared


First distribution to beneficiaries

2011 - 2017

Steady growth and profit sharing
About R38 million paid out since 2011


Distribution totals about R8 million


Record amount because of the profit made on the sale of Eyethu Fishing


The 14th annual distribution to beneficiaries

Company longtimers

The longer employees work at Pioneer Fishing business units, the more they get to know the culture of the company. They take more responsibility and are more productive. We celebrate and reward employees for their years of service. Some have been with us for more than 30 years.

Financial wellbeing

We look into alternative avenues of income to supplement our work when confronted with the reality of quotas and seasonal changes, like importing frozen fish cutlets or canning chicken livers. We've also implemented a relief fund to guarantee an income to seasonal workers from February to October even when there is no fish for processing.


A clinic is available for staff at the West Coast operations plant. Information sessions are presented regularly on medical conditions (such as HIV/Aids, high blood pressure, diabetes and covid-19) and other health issues (such as the dangers of noise exposure and consuming alcohol while pregnant).

Good citizenship

Values for good citizenship are incorporated in our internal communication, which in recent years aimed at encouraging self-empowerment (health, finances and behaviour) and ethical conduct.

Responsible parenting

Pioneer Fishing supports the iCHOOSE Responsible Parenting programme, a Valued Citizen's Initiative, which teaches participants how to build healthy relationships with their children and create a caring family life and stable home environment.

Empowerment and employment equity

Learnerships, apprenticeships and workplace experience

We offer learnerships in fish processing and apprenticeships and workplace experience in operation-related fields. We recruit and develop apprentices into fully qualified artisans until they pass their trade tests.

  • Fish processing
  • Boilermakers
  • Welders
  • Diesel mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Fitters